Thursday, July 08, 2010


Learning is a central part of Christianity.   It is the enduring support of discipleship.  Traditionally, we don't take discipleship seriously.  We take attendance seriously.  We take going by the few/many Bible verses we believe seriously; but not discipleship.

I don't say that to criticize us; but rather to awaken us to the kingdom concept that God expects us/calls us to remain as learners.  Yet, a wonderful thing is continuing among His people.  We are still eager to learn. 

I don't know of anyone committed to church leadership that doesn't take the call to biblical integrity seriously.  While some are polars apart from the conclusions of others, there remains a healthy commitment to reach our individual conclusions based upon scripture and the continual search of it.  Romans 14 says as much that some will believe one way as others believe the opposite and both fit; both are free to do so.  We simply are not to be critical nor high-minded about our conclusive discernment....Romans 12:1-3.

Therefore, I am noticing a season of wonderful joy of consideration from our church leaders.  There is a careful studying of new ideas which could be possible to believe; while not yet sure.  Studying....a rather discipleship concept, don't you think?

Pointedly, the study is seriously weighing the doctrinal issues of whether we are abiding by law or by Spirit.  It remains true; the law kills and the Spirit gives life.  I'm noticing more and more a tendency to research the scriptures in these matters.  And this trait is consistent....the more any move away from the law and more to the Spirit a greater joy settles among those people!

This is no accident.  It is His design.

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Ted Kersh said...

Great article Terry. I enjoy reading your material. So good to have you as a friend. Ted Kersh