Friday, June 11, 2010


Learn to suffer well in the little stuff.

When we are young and ambitious we have visions of doing great things for God.  I can tell you from intending to reach age 63 next Friday that those fires never dim....and we never feel anything but young. 

Along the way, however, I have realized something useful to any now pressing from the younger side.  God will reward you for enduring the many hang-nail difficulties.  Learn to not be distracted by upset.  Upset is valuable to dreamers.  Moses?  Joseph?  Esther?  David?  Jesus?  These leaders wanted big stuff for the Kingdom.  Rough moments were in every path.

Don't cringe at struggle.  Don't fight stony paths.  Realize....realize strain and pressure are test flights of soaring faith.

If you want to lead well you must have things go wrong.  Failure is only real failure when assuming your day should always finish in the win column.  Resurrection power can never show its stuff if there is no death. 

A tough but valuable lesson to learn is difficulty and disappointment are tutors to high flying faith.

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