Saturday, June 12, 2010


Jesus changed my life.  I couldn't count the ways.  But one is quite clear. 

As I watched him walk through towns and roam the countryside, he had an extra sense about the value of the person in his presence.  Their value of him was not his foremost concern.  When they departed, each citizen had encountered one who esteemed them highly.

Where Jesus changed one part of my life is to realize the awe of others when I enter their presence.  I once didn't.  Whether at a restaurant or walking through a church foyer or shopping at a mall, people are everywhere and I cannot help but wonder if they have any idea how glorious they are.

Yes, we all suffer from an overdose of self-centeredness.  My discussion almost approaches it; except I see a different twist.  Self-centeredness seems to present itself because self can't get a grasp on its authentic and natural beauty as is.  We strive to be different and more.....of something....extremely unsatisfied with who we are and what we have become.  We underestimate the resource of God in us because we overestimate our personal need to become something we aren't.  Wishful thinking gone awry is such a scenario.

From little children to haggard old men, I perpetually encounter a race called humanity that is oblivious to its own mysterious wonder.  Everyone we know has been created in the image of the Three; Father/Son/Spirit. 

It is our role to point out to each other along the way that we see (as Liz Pence would say) God in them.  Politics and Wall Street are neither our hopes nor our main problems.  The ruinous lack of confident spirits within the carcasses of humanity is costing society to an immeasurable extent. 

We must, individually, become more like Jesus to point out the brilliance and beauty of one another.  Until we do, communities are filled with Satan's lie that we are not good enough.

Learn to live in the midst of saying so!

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