Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Don't you get it?  The world around us is breaking down.  Difficulty lurks at so many turns.  Despondency has some of its greatest potential.  Yet, we seem to find enthusiasm is actually gaining momentum.  Why is that?

We are free to remain alive because of one big big word...RESURRECTION.  Resurrection ruins discouragement, death, and decay.  Resurrection puts back together what was.  It is the new day dawning every day!

We are free to move about full of certain hope because the biggest blockade to all of life is over.  Put is deeply into your system; DEATH HAS DIED!

Jesus died.  When he was raised to never die again......death died.  Lazarus died only to die again.  Not so with Jesus.  Death died.  Did you hear the good news?  Death had a terrible accident.  It ran into the Son of God and did not survive.  It was enamoured with its power; but Jesus ruined all of death's dreams.  Hurray for the glory found in Jesus.  He took out the enemy.

When Jesus came back from his own funeral, death was sent to his own.  It was a wonderful funeral! 

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