Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I know.  I know you as a leader have big ideas.  I know that sometimes those ideas aren't greeted with colleague mutuality.  Fret not.  If your idea is worthy, it will come about.  If not, accept it and either drop it or try again later should it be a matter of God-timing.

Learn to wait.
  • The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent...Ex. 14:14
  • Be still and know I am God...Ps. 46:10
  • Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength...Isa. 40:31
Granted, I'm an idea man.  I enjoy creativity and risk.  However, many x many of my ideas were at first rejected.  I went to school (I learned) from repeated rejections.  What did I learn?  Kingdom progress isn't about me, my ideas, nor my selling skill.  It is all about God's we learn to wait.

Elders can be blind, colleagues can be biased, and you.....can be wrong.  So we freely toss ideas trusting the opposing wisdom of others and the full vision of God.  God changes minds or circumstances or both. 

Rejection is not defeat.  It is pure opportunity to learn to wait.  We live in a time of increasing desire for immediate gratification.  When we serve from this impatient mode we tend to eliminate the main force--God--without realizing what we are doing.

So you don't get your way?  Good for you!  Good for God.  Maybe you will learn to wait and by doing so will find you actually trust Him more....the very thing He had been waiting for.

(Wow, Terry!  This was a really good one!)


Michelle said...

This is a really good post. Waiting is so hard sometimes. It was not until you mentioned the thought of immediate gratification in today's society that I realized I have been struggling with that very process. I so wanted everything to fall into place perfectly. My plans are the only right plans...right? Learning to wait and see what God does is difficult even though I know that is what God is wanting. I feel a little like a preschooler sometimes stomping my foot and saying "But I NEED THIS!" Rejection is not defeat it's just an opportunity for patience and trust. You are right Terry, that was a good one ;).

Nellie said...

A really good one, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Terry, I agree with Michelle, "that was a good one!" You are always sensitive and perceptive. And you back up your excellent thoughts and insights with Scripture. Thank you! My blog is on my website. I invite you to take a look ~~~>

David Hall said... have been in my brain again! As a new, fairly young elder, I find myself wanting to get things done...NOW! Luckily I have five other supportive, yet wise, men that I get to serve with and learn from. I have been spending time each morning as of late in Psalms, and this thought keeps coming up. Being patient with God's timing and His will, because it is NOT about me or a program or an idea, it is about HIM alone! Thanks for your insight.

DarrelM said...

My Dear Friend,
To say I needed this, is a huge understatement. Our house deal fell apart so we will not be moving to Tulsa this month.