Tuesday, June 08, 2010


It is God's perpetual call to His people to love others; love one another as well as our enemies.  Connecting with any outside of our safety-circle can intimidate.  For some reason we wish to be more polished or professional before we make an approach. 

Have you ever thought about the one needing your reach?  They are not polished receivers.  Nor are they professionals at being reached.  They are as we....mere and fantastic people.  So drop the "I wouldn't know how" and join the crowd.  No one knows how and that's the secret of it all; the reachers don't know how and the reach-ed don't know how.  It is a mutual tie!

One of our new members recently said she had no idea one was to pray in Jesus' name.  She had never heard of that before.  Her husband wanted to know how one becomes an elder...do you have to pay money?  Who could guess such questions?

A world of hope exists because we have so much in common.  I was on the one side.  Now I am on the other.  I was reached to...and now I reach toward.  When I visited church I was nervous; what to do, when to stand, when to sit, etc. 

Our fear comes honestly in that often we encounter the arguers and debaters.  But what I want you to know is there are many more who simply don't know beans about God.  We, on the other hand, know only a few beans. 

This makes a great match; they know little and we are just learning!  If we can operate from their shoes, we will do remarkably well.

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