Friday, June 25, 2010


This will sound strange; yet it fits perfectly in the kingdom style.  I am confident to reach anyone and everyone in the world because I have no confidence in myself.

I couldn't invite people. I couldn't study with them either as I was so fearful of getting it wrong.  This nature thrust me into selective ministry.  Mostly I elected not to reach out.  I was safe and so were they!

Today?  I can meet with a homeless person, a good friend, or a leader of a nation with perfect ease....really.  That's why I can work with celebrities.  What is that reason?

I now know all people are the very same; they have strengths to be admired and weaknesses from which they tremble. 

I dearly love Chuck Swindoll.  Do you know how we became good friends?  I realized he had days where he wondered if he was doing any good and wrote him accordingly.  This opened a fascinating and special friendship to the both of us.

Curt Flood was my childhood hero and, eventually, my dear brother.  How I was able to move into his heart was to talk with him in private about where he hurt; racial bias.

Becky Fulton is my neighbor.  He is now a brother in Christ.  How did this happen?  I knocked on his door one day asking for assistance with Mary's car when I didn't really need the assistance.  I just figured that being a person he might need to feel needed.

While I once was blocked from reaching to people about God and spiritual matters, I find myself no longer afraid of anyone.  It is because I am now sure that every level of individual (social, financial, etc.) is absolutely racked with insecurities over something....just like me.  There is no exception but for one man; Jesus. 

Oddly and wonderfully, he gave us his confidence (II Cor. 3:4-6) for ours wilted every time we took a deep breath and made our approach. 

Want to win the world?  Go for it.  You are too small to think you could one day master this.  You can't.  I can't.  But he us.  So I say....LET HIM! 

The world is waiting for us to realize it hurts and doubts and fears.  Will anyone use their weaknesses to reach those with weaknesses?

Let's do!

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