Thursday, June 24, 2010


In what has become one of my favorite books, Kingdom Come, I came across this quote of a Restoration leader named Boll:

In some respects the bondage of law appeals to the flesh more than the freedom of the gospel.  "It is far easier," says Adolph Harnack, "to live under any authority, even the hardest, than in the freedom of the good."  Freedom is strenuous.  It calls for thought, for principle, for heart-searchings, for decisions.  Freedom stands in self-control as opposed to outside control.  The slave's life is easy in some respects.  He is told what to do; and when he has done that, he is through.  His master sees to all the problems of life for him.  All he has to do is follow orders.  There are not a few Christians who would thank you to tell them exactly how much Bible reading they are expected to do every day, how many times a day they are to pray, exactly how much of their money they are to give, how much of Christian work they are to do, and exactly what work; also what they must no do---in short to have a rule and code of precepts which they are to perform, by which to keep out of hell and go to heaven.

While Boll's list is well-targeted, I would add another.  Those who live by the flesh want to be told what to believe without studying freely for themselves.  This is the lazy way out.  This explains the strenuous division in churches.  It isn't personalities per se.  It is personalities who yield to the comfort of the flesh, while claiming to be a vital part of the church, which causes extreme disarray. 

I find it odd that the most unhappy about the condition of the church are nearly always those who fail to do two things.  The flesh cares not to learn from the Word.  Neither does it care to pray.  It just wants to know the rules and it will be a good little man or woman.

The lazy way to and through the Christianity maze is to approach it through the law.  Freedom is more wonderful; yet much more difficult.  One has to make application day in and day out.  Freedom won't allow one to coast.  The kingdom of God will keep a follower on his or her toes. 

Let freedom reign.

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Brian said...

Said like a freed man!

While in Ukraine, my interpreter complained about "freedom" and how hard it was and wanted to go back to communism because he did not have to worry about a job, house, or food.

Thanks for sharing!!!