Saturday, June 26, 2010


We go through life foggy to the fact that we are individually targeted by The Terrorist of all terrorists.  For some reason we believe life works the way we work it.  Pay attention, be responsible, keep your nose clean are but a few of our deceiving mottoes. 

Life doesn't go without a hitch.  Illnesses strike, finances crater, hopes plummet, and plans get rerouted.  Yet, we notice no enemy usually concluding we did something wrong and we can get ourselves out of this spot.  Not.

We must obtain the proper alarm system....the man named Jesus.  He is the only one who can provide life in the midst of pain, agony, frustration, and even death.  Jesus is the conqueror who makes his followers conquerors.

Watch it when you try to position yourself as a better manager.  Set your eyes on the Alarm System...Him.  Believe the Resurrected One dealt a deathly blow to The Terrorist.  It is through Jesus we live; not our upgrading of personal life skills.

There are angels all around distributed by the Father to secure His children.  Fix your eyes upon Jesus.  Trust in His marvelous talent.  Let him go to work with you and then return home.  Hand him the books.  Give him life gnarly problems.  Trust him to give you life's in the center of attack.

He knows how. not oblivious to our Enemy.

(Tulsa Workshop--March 23-26, 2011--Let the Chains Fall Away)

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