Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Ken Young and Hallal ripped open the Pepperdine Lectures with their usual stirrings of the worshipful spirit. They were so good they reminded me of what it is like to have that sort of worshipful leadership from Shane Coffman and the Memorial Singers Sunday after Sunday. I am most blessed to get to be around true worshippers.

And then...oh my goodness...and then lanky Shon Smith strode to the pulpit and pleaded for life to be allowed back into the church...the life of the Holy Spirit. He wasn't arrogant nor was he belligerent. He simply stated the Holy Spirit isn't dead, we have the same Holy Spirit the apostles did, and He is really very active in our walk. It was such a simple delivery and yet so needed.

Needless to say....I was impressed.

I've got three classes to deliver and the first one is up this morning. I can't wait. The Spirit is among us...and He is working!


Stoogelover said...

I sure miss being there. I still remember the first year you spoke after a main lecture in the fieldhouse. You were announced and about 95% of the people left ... you made the most of it in your usual humorous way, but those of us who stayed were greatly blessed!! Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to teach AND run the Pepperdine lectureship? I have always wondered how Jerry was able to do that at Tulsa and now I am wondering how you do it too.