Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Last week I received one of those brotherhood sheets that firmly stands for their concept of truth.  It was touting their integrity and high standard while hammering once again all the change agents among us.  Criticism of anyone not like them was hell bound.  Just the day before I had received a shiny new magazine with similar urgencies....but I'm not sure the two papers would accept one another except for the strong stances against us.

Here's my observation.  All of us who write are a group of very plain men and women often overestimating our assumed wisdom and underestimating our energetic God. 

Here's an oddity; the intricate God makes life simple and the ignorant us causes life to be wearyingly difficult.  Go figure.  We still tend to place heavy loads upon the shoulders of each generation without noticing God seems to be letting us continue our frantic pace.  Our underwear gets tangled in a knot over some of the silliest stuff. 

As we edge into the waters of God's operation, the tempest seems to smooth out.  Because we are humans, the kingdom challenge is ever before us....but we seem to be more relaxed as we seek His ways and not the frantic paces of pages and leaders of our past.

I encourage you to be still and know that He is God...Ps. 46:10.  It is not up to our franticism nor our expertise....it never will be.  It is always up to Him....Rom. 9:16. 


Let go. 

Really....let God.


Anonymous said...

Tangled underwear is such an awful image, and perfect for describing the uncomfortableness legalistic criticism imposes on us. Not only do we make the gospel unatractive to the world, but we drive many people back into the world.
I've had my "morning Rush," and it was good! Hurray for the courageous ones who don't always color within the lines someone else has drawn.

John McCoy said...

Terry, you're awesome. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Please…don’t ever stop being a “change agent”. I’m sure sometimes it can be incredibly tiresome to put yourself out there on the front line. I now know what it is to feel overcome with peace when I “let God”. For me it is a work in progress, after years of getting caught in those pesky knots. Personally I’m thinking that if one feels the need to tout and hammer to get a point across, that perhaps they should question the point. God bless you!

Ozark said...

If I remember correctly, our Great Physician's teaching kept the "underwear in a bunch" of all the religious leaders of His day.

Maybe it's time that we began to realize that following the "party line" is a symptom of the problem not the solution.

Liz Moore said...

This was great!! I must admit, the title of "Underwear in a Knot" definitely peaked my curiosity!