Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Ah, what a day!  I heard a new young couple from Littleton, CO in one of the classes this morning.  I've heard about Colin Packer for awhile...and he and his wife are impressive.  I enjoyed listening to someone different from my usual favorites.

My class went really well.  I spoke opposite Walling and Rubel and 4900 other classes and managed to siphon off somewhere under 6000 attendees for my small place!

Tonight was Jonathan Storment's introduction to the spotlight.  He wowed the packed Firestone Fieldhouse.  I'm glad I got to watch his entrance onto the stage of meaningful stirring and proclamation. He makes all of us a bit richer because he is connected to the Resurrected One!  Ya dun good, son!

Early this morning Dusty and I were joined by Rick Atchley and Chris Seidman for breakfast.  Rick ask how I was doing and I responded that I was doing super good.  He immediately quipped he reads my blog daily and would just one time like to know I wasn't doing so good. 

He said I am so encouraging that it discourages him.

The next time I have a rotten day I'm going to write all about it in detail and honor Rick with it!  I dearly love what Rick does for God among us.  We need him.  I need him.

Finally, I sure am really helping out Jerry Rushford.  I've alsready signed several speakers up for Pepperdine next year.  He's so busy he has no idea....I've almost got next year's program completed. 

Boy!  Will he ever be surprised!

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Anonymous said...

i dropped your name to Jerry Rushford for keynote. You should be getting the call any day. Oh i also said that you would pay him.