Sunday, May 23, 2010


On occasion we would have an exceptionally good Sunday at Memorial.  It would be different; better than previous ones.  And then we'd slip back to an okay gathering; but nothing terrific.  I would continually make efforts to duplicate the exceptional Sundays; but to no avail.

I never did figure out how to cure those dry stretches; although I surely tried.

For years now we have experienced exceptionally good after another after another.  While nothing I intentionally did corrected it, I think I can now determine at least a couple of things that changed us.  Again, it was never by our organizational skill nor our intuitive leadership.  We simply positioned ourselves for God to work.

At least two moves took place which were positive in direction:
  • We began to study the involvement of the Holy Spirit.
  • We formed a group who began to pray at 7:30 a.m. Sunday in the auditorium for an hour for our day.
Both continue.

Regarding the prayer thing, Danny Sidders, Damon Waggoner, and I would meet at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday.  We did it for a bit.  I must tell you that was difficult.  I know that doesn't make me look very committed; but I share it anyway.  That approach eventually burnt out.

Later, we began a new group at 7:30 each Sunday morning and this group thrives.  I believe the reason we have such good days is because God is invited to be among us.  As a result God has opened amazing doors through the worship agenda.  Allen French was later brought on staff and after he left, Shane Coffman has been added. 

We are blessed.  We assume now that every gathering with be filled with the presence and activity of God.  I share this to encourage any who might be struggling with life in the assemblies. 

We didn't design this; but we did position ourselves for His blessings.  I do believe there is a possible link.


1 Middle Man said...

Thanks for these thoughts. Indeed, the individual and collective preparation of our spirits, minds is essential to and directly proportional to the blessings of God's Spirit that can and will fall on us...when we are so focused. :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.
God is not interested in us competing with last weeks show.
God works in our worship in spirit and truth.
God works as we pray a blessing and build each other up.
God works and we follow.
Thanks for the reminder.
Larry Wishard

Brian said...

What is so inspiring where we are in Aiken SC is that our folks worship God Monday through Saturday so that when the Sunday gathering happens, the hearts of God's people are worship equipped and spiritually motivated!

We don't see our Sunday gatherings as the totality of our worship, but rather an extension of our daily worship to our God!

Our singing is better, the preacher is better (well, that is up for debate) and our fellowship with all the worshipers is better!

It is a joy to walk into a place where God is intertwined in each life of the believer.

Thanks for sharing, Terry!