Saturday, May 22, 2010


You'll notice a new blogsite to the right of the page, Balanced and Unafraid.

Before you conclude someone is running for congress or possibly marching in protest, let me fill you in. Michael and Vasca Beall are dear friends of mine whom I don't believe I have ever met. They are Cream o' the Crop believers.

I can't recall just exactly how we became friends....but we are. Vasca and I carry on in both email and blogworld as if we were next door neighbors. I guess we are blog-neighbors.

Michael is an M.D. Vasca is his right and left arms! They see God move, work, and shake the kingdom. Their labors reach to China and back.

Balanced and Unafraid is a newly established site. At the moment it has no words; but oh it will.

You see Michael has just been diagnosed with a rare tumor which could rapidly move to a stage of great threat. He nor Vasca know what is ahead. But due to their using every crumb of life to give glory to God, they are planning to journal this new evangelistic journey.


This couple behaves as if their God is alive in all settings! Yeah!

So I urge all readers to be in prayer for those this couple touches along the way. Who knows what doctor or nurse or technician or one simply awaiting their turn in the lobby needs to meet either Michael or Vasca....or both.

This circumstance will not be wasted. Let us pray for a new contagious disease of love and hope to spread throughout the upcoming days and months and years as this couple enters their new mission field.


Michael and Vasca said...

As of about 6 P.M. Balanced and Unafraid had its' first post. Your words touched the two of us, Terry. Michael is Mighty Disciple...and we give God all the praise, all the thankfulness in us. HE is always, always with us and oh, how we adore Him. We have nothing to fear...nothing! Thank are so kind.

Terry said...

They will be in my prayers.