Saturday, May 22, 2010


I think there are two basic kinds of Christians; (1) those who look back and live to keep the church (regardless of brand) as it always has been and (2) those who believe the things of the past were imparted to cause us to look ahead for more development.  These two create a significant rub.

I fit in the latter. 

Because I fit there, this causes personal grief for many whom I dearly love remain in the former.  For one, it causes me great stress that I cause them such consternation.  They are lovely people.  And, I still want to be liked.

May I introduce a strange twist?

I don't think either group has enough grasp of God's truth to be deeply divided.  When I take inventory of my faith coupled with action, it misses the mark of Jesus (his death, burial, and resurrection) by a mile x 1000.  I am a failing believer.


Jesus' style remains so different from yours/mine/ours.  He spent days with the Father while I talk about the keenness of such an approach.  He lived with nothing in a world that offered a lot.  Yet, we make donations and contributions to good causes while keeping much of the good stuff for ourselves.  He gave it all and ask us to give it all....and the early church did. 

We (both 1 and 2) come along and teach we are the original New Testament church but practice very little of what they did.  We have Americanized the church to the extent we don't have to give it all, including our lives, but we basically want to keep a healthy step ahead of the dark world.

America, let alone the rest of the world, is in deep trouble.  Jesus is the answer.  Our old patterns are only developing dying churches whose saving word is developing a faith that they are on the narrow road; thus "few" is the operative word.  Our newer patterns are shedding a few of the traditions except those which serve us well; keeping our church buildings, our houses, and all the contents of both.

The world of Jesus was incredibly unique.  He gave his life while he lived; nowhere to lay his head.  Then he actually shed flesh and blood.  Few of us do.

So what shall we do brethren?  Well...we think we've responded to that question in being baptized.  However, the rest of Acts 2 leaves groups 1 and 2 in the identical boat.  Neither has anything to brag about from 2:41-47, do we?

Here's the clinker.  Each group (1 & 2) pats themselves on the back for not being like the other.  Big mistake.  We have mistakenly lived comparing ourselves to ourselves instead of the Christ who desires to reign.  When we class ourselves by ourselves or compare ourselves to ourselves, God says we are without understanding (II Cor. 10:12). 

The point?  I've got more growing to do.....onward and upward.

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