Monday, May 24, 2010


There is a thing about God which perpetually fascinates me.  I'm talking about being wide-eyed like a little kid on Christmas Eve fascinated!  God's willing talent.  He can do anything.  No, we can't.  But we aren't our issue; He is.  And, He can do anything!

He works and we follow both His direction and His dimension.  Our job is to follow.  Specifically, that means to believe.  Our work, Jesus says, is to believe (Jn. 6:29).

When we believe, we don't target things to happen first.  We target God trusting/believing He can make things happen.  We all want many things.  When we seek God in faith, He is the One who makes things happen.

Fascinating?  Absolutely because all of God's great works came at the faith-beggars call with not much to personally offer.  Gideon's reduced army?  The widow's jar of oil?  The other  widow's mite?  Lazarus dead?  Jesus dead?  Peter, James, and John as uneducated AND untrained?  Mobster Saul of Tarsus?  The Bible won't be shut up.  When people yield their little faith to the Perfect Father, major things begin to work.

So how does this fit us?  100% of needed improvement individually and church-wise can be expected.  When James wrote we don't have because we don't ask, he was telling us a kingdom secret.  So what we want to do is want great things:
  • Our worship to be more than just the Sunday hour.
  • Our efforts to span both country borders and generational boundaries.
  • Our vision to couple with confidence to dream about healing children, rescuing families, drilling wells in lands far away, seeing the Bible spread to all continents, praying for God to show up in a life-giving way in the secular media.  Want things for God....and for people.
It doesn't matter how many hits we take.  We are about imagining wonder....the wonder of God.  We can do what no one else believes.  It isn't up to "them".  It is up to God.  We are to believe more in His skills than our critics. 

Christmas Eve may be a bit away....but Confident Hope is NOW!


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Anonymous said...

Good one!
My work is to believe.
Your work is to believe.
He'll do everything else.
Imagine that!