Thursday, April 29, 2010

WHY OFFENSIVE ELDERS WORK WELL does the title strike you?  Offensively?  Ah, but read the rest of the story.

I watched our four shepherds lead a class last night as they fielded questions and made remarks about the work within the flock.  I enjoy watching them work.

Something occurred to me that really makes them wonderfully who they are.  In turn, this trait is reflected upon the entire staff and flock.  Our guys operate from offense, not defense.  These guys are learners; not defenders.  They are tryers; risk-takers.  They are promoters; visionaries.  They are empowerers; not territorialists.

I saw something definitive about them as they spoke.  These four in complete unison are like children in their interest and hunger for the Word.  They want to know what else!  What else does God think?  What else does He want?  What else does He have to say?  Our shepherds live wide opened to taking in God's direction.  They don't live defensively afraid of what the church might think....locally or area-wide.  They aren't smug, understand, but their faith is not based on what they fear.  Their leadership isn't expressed with hints of trepidation.

Our elders lead out offensively.  We are blessed because of it.  We are really blessed.  To them...they regard themselves as mere men.  To us, we see them as great leaders who fear God more than our quirky comments or momentary whims.

We have very offensive elders...and we love it!

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Danny said...


God raise us more elders willing to offensive!