Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Witnessing was a central part of the New Testament church.  Believers traveled about giving testimony to the working of the Living God.  It was a powerful trait.  It is needed today.

When one, anyone, shares how God has and is working, faith is built.  We should encourage all of our people to give repetitive testimony as God works in our lives day by day. 

If the church could hear of the wonder He commits among us, I believe we will be destined to only hear more of the glorious works He performs.  Life is about God; not us.  When we rehearse how He has blessed, confidence builds.

I urge you to start the ball rolling.  Build the faith of others.  Provide time in classes, sermons, small groups, etc. for believers to testify as to how amazing God is.  May this begin a fire that consumes a doubting land as well as dying churches.  May both be refreshed to the dew of His marvelous touch!

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John McCoy said...

My phone's greeting message I put in is 'Life is about God, not you'. Thanks for the reminder, Terry.