Thursday, April 29, 2010


I really enjoy what little I see of the kingdom. I think I see more than I realize for I feel certain that while I am looking right at kingdom action, most likely I'm not recognizing it.

Philip asked Jesus when he had ever seen the Father. Jesus told him he had been looking at him for several years now.

Martha was in a scurry to do kingdom stuff that mattered and Jesus responded with a compliment toward the other sister for catching on.

Rhoda was aware of prayers being offered for imprisoned Peter; yet, never recognized it was him at the gate awaiting entry.

I believe God's people get more done than they realize because the very small matters count. If God notices each sparrow, do you think He doesn't catch it when you are courteous? Merciful? Generous? Attentive?

Yes, there was a long period in my life where I wanted to be like the big people. I strove to accomplish the big stuff. Big stuff is good for the big people, but it was out of my range and I spent too many years in envy; maybe jealousy.

When it registered that God was letting me in on a huge secret that power is perfected in weakness, I began to see the entire kingdom landscape shift. I was in. Furthermore, I was enough. I wasn't everything, understand. But I was acceptably....enough to be used by God.

I believe it today; but I fear some of you don't. Start. The small stuff in the corner of servanthood counts. Notice it. Capitalize on it.

Does a child ever approach you to buy a product for their school or their pack? Do you not realize the purchase of that candy or that popcorn (because you are in the kingdom) is a kingdom moment? That it counts?

Has a person ever responded to the invitation song and you went down front to hug them? Do you not realize this is an essential moment of kingdom expression?

At our place we have members who bake communion bread while others fill the trays. Others carry out trash while, yet others, clean out closets. Some host showers and others have babies. All of this combined activity coupled with hundreds of other casual events make up who we are....a people highly engaged in kingdom life.

It may be unnoticed by some....but not by Him. He sees the sparrows, the hairs, and the stuff we do over in the corner which goes unnoticed!


John McCoy said...

So true, Terry! My teammate was giving a devotional to the team about faith. It was really cool, and when he asked about practical applications of faith, I thought this exact thing. Being faithful in the little. It prepares us for the big. Thanks for being so open to the Lord working.

Michelle said...

Terry! I wrote about my struggle with this very topic today on my blog! It appears our brains are on the same wavelength. Thank you for these words they are exactly something I think God wanted me to hear.