Friday, April 30, 2010


I leave Tuesday for the Pepperdine Lectures. 

I look forward to soaking in Jerry Rushford's labors.  So many think I (Terry Rush) am him and he is me.  Because of that I promise a lot of strangers they can be on the Pepperdine program next year.

The Tulsa Workshop aftermath continues to experience good feedback.  See the note below.

The first year I attended the Tulsa Workshop was in March of 2003. I will never forget that weekend for so many reasons. It was a week where political, personal and spiritual factors all came together at the same time. That was the weekend the U.S. military invaded Iraq. I remember that because my brother was on the front lines. That all added up to make for a very emotional and vulnerable week for me. It also meant I was in a lot more prayer than usual. I think God really used that backdrop to open up my ears, my heart and my soul to the events of that weekend. I am indebted spiritually to the Tulsa workshop, Terry Rush, and the dozens (probably hundreds, really) of people who were a blessing to me in Tulsa.

I would highly recommend the Tulsa workshop as a place to get equipped, encouraged, re-tooled, and ready to both be more who God wants you to be and better know how to do what He wants you to do. I hope that each and every one of you will make it a part of your schedule to be in Tulsa in 2011. Bring someone with you. There is nothing like traveling to something like this with people you know and having others to discuss the classes and keynotes with on the ride back home. If the depictions of heaven in the book of Revelation only had book vendors, I would say Tulsa comes as close as it gets this side of heaven. Thanks to Terry and Shane for putting on such a quality event.

                                                                                                Matt Dabbs

These represent only two of our wonderful events across this nation.  Add to that Elder-Link, Quest, Stream in the Desert, Lipscomb, ACU, the Northwest Workshop....on and on the list of top-level kingdom expansion continues.  God has much going on!

Tell me of some of the great events in your zone.  We should be amazed at the intensity of improved discipleship training among us.

If the Tulsa Workshop only had an ocean! Oh well, Pepperdine doesn't have the Driller statue!


Cary said...

The Connect Conference (formerly National Campus Ministries Seminar) has been consistently excellent for quite a few years now. It moves around the nation; this year being at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi. I never miss it.

Anonymous said...

We had the first Stream-DFW (North Texas Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) last year, and it was phenomenal!

It's set again for 09/10-09/12, 2010 at South Macarthur Church in Irving, TX.


Stoogelover said...

One thing Tulsa will always have over Pepperdine is flat land!!! A week of those campus stairways wears me out.