Saturday, December 19, 2009


May I have permission to unlock one of your greatest fears? Let me share with you something which might unlock a pinched nerve in the body of Christ; people you know want to know God.

People WANT to know God.

When I didn't know that factor, I spent my evangelistic efforts measuring prospects. It was like mining for gold; I had to go through a lot of terrain before I made a strike. Such an approach resulted in guilt more than anything else because I wasn't good at prospecting.

People WANT to know God.

And then when I realized the factor, the entire community changed in front of my very eyes. Every person contemplates the reality and the will of God. Sure, most may be fuzzy in their thinking...but who isn't while in search of the Liveliest One?

For instance, how much seed do you think is sown by all denominational and Catholic VBSs combined? How much seed is sown by children playing church at home? Finally, how many children attended some sort of Christian event over their years? 56%? 97%? I would venture the count would be high.

In all of these contacts--and there are so many more to raise one's awareness (Christian concerts, camps, etc.)--the seed has been sown. Today is sits poised with in prisoners, gangsters, CEOs, Rock Stars, and truck drivers. The seed of goodness planted by Kool Aid ladies with high-topped shoes remains in place waiting for sprouting.

What's going on in this culture of people? They secretly wonder if there is a God and how to go about knowing him. When I was searching as a college student, I would read three verses a night....three. Of course beginning with Genesis was an impossibly slow process which ultimately faded.

Then I shifted to the back of the Bible where it had questions. I hit the one on why Christians couldn't dance. Well...I didn't want to dance but I sort figured I'd like to know what God said about it anyway. The reference sent me to four different guys named John; John, John Jr., John II, and John III....quite a generational heritage I thought.

I wanted to know God. I still want to know. And you can count on it...your doctor, your neighbor, your relatives are asking questions to themselves to keep from looking foolish in your eyes as to what might be cooking with this God stuff. Keep knocking on doors of hearts. You'll likely be surprised that when those around find the opportunity open about God, they will jump in....gladly.

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jackie chesnutt said...

Your words ring true, Terry. Last week I was having lab work done. The woman checking me in asked if I was with that church that gave away all the coats each winter & had the Thanksgiving lunch. That conversation led to some more personal faith questions she had. Today in the grocery store, I ran into a couple I've known for years. Maybe it's because of the season, but regardless, right in the middle of the aisle they talked of their need to 'get back with God.' How easy it is to pre-conceive that no one is interested. Thanks for your heart. I love you.