Saturday, December 19, 2009


Every congregation relishes the idea of new people passing through our doors.

Does any of us approach our Sunday gathering without custodial assignments? Not a church meets with trash strewn through the lobby and about the auditorium as if it didn't matter. Windows are washed, restrooms are tidied, and the carpet is vacuumed. We are ready.

So why is we think the external matters are to be in tip-top shape and that the internals matter little? How can we be so trashy in our approach to sing songs if we want and if we don't? Well, who cares? You're not my boss.

How is it we can clean the outside of the cup in properly grooming for church attendance with the assumption the inside of of the vessel can go without study, prayer, and devotion throughout the other six days?

What goes on with us that we can move about our streets in complete silence about the love Christ throughout weeks, months...even years....but talk as if an expert when in Bible class discussing evangelism?

Tomorrow will be another opportunity for us to have visitors. If one thinks they will be impressed because we don't have a piano and we do have communion, think again. They will be watching the hearts....that element the whole church just can't hide. The heart is that invisible neon sign of the spirit which forces our mouths to open in praise to God as well as actively greeting our visitors.

From the abundance of the heart....THE MOUTH SPEAKS. Will the visitors experience worship with us tomorrow? The tell-tale sign is whether we gush in love for God and speaking openly.


Tim Pyles said...

Great reminders about the "heart" of worship! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

Stoogelover said...

Interesting, Terry. Recently I visited a church where a friend ministers and the "worship" was just dismal. I thought that morning that if I were a visitor checking out churches, I'd skip that one because the worship was so lifeless. Not to be overly judgmental, my friend agreed. One of his deep concerns is that this church just doesn't seem interested in anything that smacks of emotion.

Good thoughts, as always, from you, my friend.