Friday, December 18, 2009


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "IDEAS FOR CHURCH GROWTH FOR THE NEW YEAR": You give your ideas but several of them aren't based on the Scriptures. We are warned that what we do is to be according to Christ, not elementary principles of the world, man's traditions or empty deceit (Col. 2:8). That's a little scarey Terry!

I'm quite comfortable with responses that don't agree with me. You just would not believe how many times I get out on a limb and find I don't agree with me.

The response which came in (above) regarding a recent post is interesting for certain. I think it is a good response as it goes against the grain of what I wrote and clearly some good soul disagrees. Disagreement isn't the end of the world. It can be the beginning of a marvelous relationship.

First, my ideas expressed in the article were simply ideas. They aren't laws. They aren't necessarily great ideas. They are simply.....concepts some might consider.

The passage Anonymous references is really crucial. It is a freeing Bible verse. I believe that same passage and sense he or she may be violating it. Therefore, I would like clarification from Anonymous. There are many readers out there. We are learners. I've gone over my ideas presented and I don't understand where you are coming from.

Would you mind sharing what you mean?

It would be good to have a name other than Anonymous so we can know you aren't just taking a shot. But....that isn't mandatory. What do you mean by your statement?

Would you mind going over your concerns as sometimes we are saying the same things, but from differing viewpoints.


Anonymous said...

I read over them again and I can't see that any are not 1) from scripture (i.e., getting a prayer group together), or 2) any that would be condemned by scripture (i.e., more elders probably do need to do more actual leading than talking). I'm a little confused, myself.
I also think this is one of those good opportunities to turn someone's attention to all of the "important things" we do that are not implicitly shown in scripture (i.e., Sunday and Wednesday night services; have buildings, etc., etc.).
It's good to learn!

Terry Rush said...


Did you write the original comment? I can't tell by your wording.

I do want to point out I was saying the song leaders--not the elders--could do less talking and more leading.

Thanks, Jay, for your input. You always have good insight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind response. I will keep myself anonymous as it would serve little purpose to be known. I am responding in kindness toward you.
I grew up in the Lord's body when legalism ruled. Grace was something that the "lost" spoke about and "works" was our rally point to faith. It created a lot of arrogance and harm in trying to reach out.(We are still feeling the effects of this in many places.)
I am a believer in salvation by grace 100%. There has become a pendulum effect today. Many have come from the legalistic set of rules to the other extreme. In my many travels across this country and overseas, there seems to be a steady diet of moving into an area of ideas that rally more around the worlds thinking rather than according to Christ (Col. 2:8). I do realize there are things that are not spoken on how something is done, but our hearts must ask where Christ would lead us. I do not believe He would lead us into following the many laid back and entertainment things that the world loves to be associated with. The Spirit of God would lead us into the will of God. Each of us are fleshly and battle that part daily. Upon entering Christ through baptism, we have received the Spirit of God to lead us away from our natural, self-serving ways (Gal. 5:16-26). Jesus saw His relationship with His Father as serious and His approach to God was of deep reverence and respect.(I am not accusing anyone, just making a statement to make a point.) Christ's reverence for His Father is what led Him to honor and reverence the Scriptures. That's why Paul so warned Timothy about being faithful with the word of God, preach the word only because the time is coming IN THE CHURCH (I personally believe it is here presently) that they no longer want the truth but will want to find teachers that agree with their thinking and ideas (II Tim. 4:1-4).
That's what led me to making a statement on your ideas. I do respect that they are your ideas and I do agree with some of them. You Terry have had a profound effect on many a younger preacher and brethren. There are those who move on your words as people love and respect you. (I realize we aren't trying to do that but it is part of the human nature.)We need to be leading to the accurately handling of the word and away from entertaining our society to draw them in. Our ideas sometimes can create this type of thinking. I meant no harm but a heart for Jesus in His grace and truth. It concerns me greatly at what I see happening in the brotherhood. There are the "dog-watchers" who believe it is their personal responsibility to alert the brotherhood, which is a great misapplication of Rom. 16:17. Then there are those so loose and laid back that it fits their personal likes and personalities, using God's word to uphold those personal thoughts, pulling them out of context and that is also dangerous. For me, I want Christ to be formed in us. As Paul proclaimed Christ to every man (Col. 2:28), he did it with spiritual wisdom and understanding. It is the spiritual wisdom and understanding that many miss! That's what I strive for.
Sorry for the book but I was hoping it would help you see why I posted what I did. I love my Lord and His word, saved by His grace, motivated by His love and careful not to go beyond His teachings. May God bless...

Terry Rush said...


Well there you have it. The battle from legal to grace (and all that goes with it) is surely a challenge to every one of us who care about His Truth. We will work to grow in God's understanding each day we live, huh?

Thank you for your response.

I like very much your commitment to reverence for the Word. Such can never suffer in the slightest. Isn't that where legalism and liberalism fail? They detract from the freeing power of God's will.

I would ask you to be careful with the "entertainment" comment for I often hear such an accusation when I know some of such criticism is far, far off- base. Such is a judgment call of which scriptures warn.

I do wish to highly agree with you that I, too, believe we live in a time as strong as ever on loving having our ears tickled. There is a great divide in studying scripture to see where it will take us compared to preserving what six things we know well.

Finally, good for you to have the faith and the overall courtesy to simply discuss such matters whether we see eye to eye. Your words have been good for all readers to consider.

Thank you for responding like a believer. You are encouraging.