Sunday, December 27, 2009


God has a lot to take care of. He has the church of course. Then He has the impoverished, the sinners, and the missionaries to consider. Add to that His listening to all those prayers from around the world and one can easily see you don't want to bother Him with the minuscule. you?

David and Lisa Combs moved to Tulsa a few years back initially requiring some of their furniture to be stored. Once they secured a house, the items were moved in.

The dining table had a particular cough during the six months of storage. Originally, two leafs went with it. But....only one was in place and the table developed a distinct bias against the orphaned leaf. It would not budge that the leaf could be added. Strong men tried. Stronger men said they could pry the table open in order to insert the leaf alongside its older brother.

Nothing doing.

For months and months the table would not say "Ah" that the spare leaf be added. Clammed tightly shut, the table refused hospitality to it most useful sibling.

On Christmas Eve David and Lisa were preparing to open their home for guests the next day. Lisa was sitting on the floor by table. In frustration she mentioned to God that she knew Him to have bigger fish to fry, but she really needed that extra leaf in the table....and would He please fix it.

She then stood to give the table a tug. With ease it cooperated. David called to her asking if the table just moved. It had. The table opened its mouth wide to receive the once-abandoned leaf. Everything was now in place. The guests were all seated.

Now you know the parable of the Dining Table. How did it happen? Lisa believed all I know to report. Claim it to be weird or absurd...whatever you wish. She prayed. It happened. I love it!

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