Friday, December 25, 2009


What are you doing reading blogs on Christmas Day? And...what am I doing writing one?

Well....I have an excuse. My house is so crowded with kids and grandkids I thought I better check on my blog-family.'

We have had a blizzard. No, really! It is exciting. Chris and Wendy left here at four yesterday (they are from Atlanta) to get with his family for Christmas Eve. It was sleeting magnificently as they left. The sleet converted to snow about 5:30 and by the time they began their trek back here, it was a gigantic blizzard. I think we have about 6 or so inches of white fluff just calling for someone to make snow ice cream. How fun.

But....Chris and Wendy couldn't get back home last night. They made it here this morning. How fun is that? Can't get around town because the roads are so bad! Great!

Merry Christmas!


Vasca said...

I'm reading your blog 'cause that's the way I begin every morning...with Rush. We have a gorgeous white Christmas here in W'ford TX. So we are re-vamping plans to be w/family.

We have the ham for our dinner w/son #2 and family in Richardson...we will attempt to get there this aftn. Spend the night and stop by son #3 tomorrow en route home for gift exchange and hugs.

God's gifts are so beautiful and surprising! Ho, Ho...thanks God.

M was studying his gift of Empowering the Ordinary before bedtime on Christmas Eve. Thanks!

Nellie said...

Merry Christmas! Saw Dusty's pictures posted on Facebook. Looks like you all had a wonderful time together!