Monday, December 28, 2009


You know I am now hooked on The Biggest Loser. The transformation of heavy to trim is fascinating. I am wowed by the new arrival due to massive weight loss.

Last week I experienced another form of strain on humans; materialistic obesity. Why do I have so much...the best of so much...the most of so much.....and still want more? I fear I have gangreed.

Materialistic obesity is not everywhere; but it surely is among many of us.

When we have so many packages to unwrap that we can hardly enjoy one gift for the next five coming at us, we are threatened by materialistic obesity. When children have so much given they find it difficult to live in ecstatic appreciation, we may have a case of materialistic obesity.

Forgive me for sounding old, but when I was six I got a toy John Deere tractor and a jacket. I was thrilled for I hadn't received a gift since June birthday. Now I give myself so much throughout the year my kids and grand kids are forced to really think it through because I've spoiled me all year....and had a very good time at it!

It could be we should evaluate another facet of the need for The Biggest Loser. It could be we need to push away from the table of materialistic gain. Maybe we need to awaken to our overindulgent nature which has grown so out of hand it harps that too much is yet not enough.


Lita said...

Great post today, my friend. Even though we cut back on the gift-giving this year, it was still TOO MUCH. We've binged, now maybe we need to purge. If we give away more than we get, is that like burning more calories than you eat? I love your new word...gangreed. Your're brilliant!

James Riley said...

Awesome analogy Terry!

WC said...

Ummmm...are we talking about anyone in particular here?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, I appreciate you bringing this up as it's another of many areas where the church ends up being no different than the world. When you were growing up there wasn't the unbeleivable commercialism that exists now. I'm afraid it will only get worse. It's a challenge not to become consumers-only. And, then that attitude infiltrates the church and we're a church full of consumers instead of servers...we've got to 'throw it off'.

Linda L said...

Well said, Terry, well said. I suffer from indulgitis (new word!)far too often. I need to exercise more self control and put my gifting to myself on a diet! Thanks for the post.