Sunday, July 05, 2009


I teach from our 100% Natural Evangelism DVD series that the church is to be encouraged by God's sending us into the world. We go fishing for men as a team with a net; not as lone individuals with a fishing pole. We don't do evangelism by ourselves. It is the entirety of the body of Christ working as a faithful force. Watering and sowing will find fruit in our own back yard and in the back yards of others.

Last week I had the privilege of meeting a new friend. Billy Curl is the Senior Minister for the well-known Crenshaw Church of Christ in Los Angeles. He and I were two of the keynote speakers at the Renewal Workshop in Portland, Oregon. Billy and I shared the same dorm. What a delightful 67 year old....been in the he is.

I was inquiring of Billy what his church was finding available as effective tools to reach into the celebrity zone. Surely the present Michael Jackson news awakens all of us to the desperate need of even the stars. Billy shared how they are connected in various meaningful works into such a community. I was pleased to hear of their efforts.

I shared with him my love for the late Curt Flood and his actress wife, Judy Pace. Billy's neck jerked back. Terry, I just recently baptized Curt Flood's daughter, Shelly. I was in tears. God knows how to connect the dots. We truly fish as a team with a net.

I'm so happy to learn of God's continual style of working effectively in assorted ways. We are a part of such an enormous team that many are being baptized while we read these words...and we may never learn of their conversion until the books are opened.

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I sent an email several weeks back asking about 100% Natural Evangelism, but I'm sure it got lost in a shuffle somewhere. I'd really like to get a copy for my family in Frankfort.

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Thank you, brother!