Monday, July 06, 2009


If you are like me, you continually need reminders God will be there. I'm disappointed at how shallow my faith is. It's embarrassing. But my little faith doesn't seem to hold Him back. Evidently, I don't intimidate Him.

Consider. Recently at a party one of our members asked if I had read a certain book. I had not but expressed my desire to read it as I had heard such good things. She pulled a copy from her purse and said I could borrow hers. Later I placed it on my desk.

A few days later I was grabbing up items and tucking them into my briefcase when I saw the book and tossed it in with my Bible. On the plane to Phoenix I decided to take a look at the book. In it I found an envelope with my name on it clipped to one of the pages. Odd.

In opening the envelope I found $1000 cash with a note that the money was for Tim and Kim (who had just arrived for a year's furlough from Guadalajara). I was dumbstruck for what the woman who loaned me the book did not know is that Tim and Kim lost $1000 a month support.

What if I had grabbed another book....or not read this one for several more months? Odd. Weird. And just like God!


Anonymous said...

Way cool. Still processing the goodness of God about the baptism of Curt Flood's daughter. The only thing that should surprise us about $1000 envelopes and baptisms is the fact that they surprise us! Why be surprised that God works in mighty ways His wonders to perform?

Robin Brannon said...

Isn't it amazing how God's goodness overwhelms anything we deem to be problematic? I love watching Him show off!

Janice Garrison said...

I must tell you how very much I appreciate reading you blog. I just recently came across it. I have heard your name mentioned over the years, always in a good way, :) and then I found your website on another blog I read.

My husband and I have only been in Oklahoma since November of 2005. We moved here from CA. We retired in 2004 and decided to make the move. We love it here and attend Church of Christ in Skiatook OK.

Perhaps you were entertained by “angels unawares” even though you knew the person. :)