Friday, July 03, 2009


We had an unusually heavy snow storm in 1987. Roads were closed as well as churches. So Tracy Ellis invited a group of friends to his house that particular Sunday evening. Who could get through the snow to get there? Such was a major question.

However, no problem for me. I'm the country boy. I know how to do snow as I was raised with deep exciting!

Sunday afternoon I put the tire chains on my small Nissan and off we went to South Tulsa that evening. Most of the citizenry was stranded but not the Rushes! Nope. We had chains!

The drifts were high and it was fun to burst through them as other cars sat with lights blinking because they weren't man enough to handle these little puny snow mountains.

But then.....when stopping at Git 'n Go to get ice I was for some strange reason.....stuck. I couldn't move. How stunned I was to discover I had put the chains on the rear end of a front-wheel drive car.

Urggh. Sometimes with our greatest of intentions and confidence....we simply get stuck. God is the one who knows how to do for us what we have no idea to do for ourselves.


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Carolinagirl said...

Words of Wisdom and a good analogy.

Kevin Woodson said...

as always you hae chosen a good analogy, that is where we are, stuck in a situation that involves our son with Autism and our CHurch