Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Let's discuss big loads. SUVs and trucks have load levelers to keep the vehicles balanced when unusually large content is added. I've been thinking about load-levelers for those who serve well in the kingdom.

Everyone could be classified as pick-up trucks in that we all transport loads from one day to the next. But what about those in the church who find they are carrying a bigger cargo? These drivers need assistance; God's load-levelers. It is important we distribute the cargo evenly so the carrier does not take an unnecessary spill.

For me, I hit a new zone years back when I began to develop my calendar in God's eyes instead of people's expectations. People.....have you noticed.....can be fickle. The reason I don't have an answering machine at home is I can't imagine how many messages will be left to call back. If while I'm out they miss me with an urgent need, most likely they'll call someone else who is home. God will take care of things.

The next matter that levels out our loads is to realize what I just said; God will take care of things. This can be where image comes in; especially if you want everyone to like you. We are not politicians running for office. We are not in a race to see whose name gets mentioned most for being at the hospital or the funeral home. Life is about God working through multiple people to minister to multiple people. That's precisely why Jesus bailed from earth; that he could be more places than one through his Spirit in disciples.

The best load-leveler word I know is "No"....and mean it. Will you teach this class? No. Will you pick up this load? No. Many of the calls we get are intended for guilt made by one who will not do the task they are placing on you. Let me explain.

Years back a lady (who is known for being opinionated and critical) came to see me. She had an idea for ministry. It meant added "load" for me and others who were already carrying significant cargo. I said yes to her but no to me. Her idea was a good one if she would do it. I told her it was a great idea and since it was her vision I made her the champion of the cause. She never lifted a finger. No one knew the work that didn't happen.

Years later, though, a couple came to Memorial and had the same idea as the woman earlier. And they said, "We'll get it going." So today, Norm and Marilynn Herron do a tremendous job of keeping the food pantry working. It wasn't up to me to carry the load of someone else's imagination. I possessed a load and kept it level. Years earlier I would have taken on everyone's ideas hoping to keep them happy; all the while working under the load of guilt...and resentment.

New works? How exciting! Spread the load among the disciples. If some won't haul. Park the cargo. God will send someone to take care of it if it is His idea.

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Brian said...


I wish I had someone like you when I first started out in ministry. Your blogs of truth are inspirational, captivating, and encouraging. I learned a lot today in just a minute of reading. Thanks!