Monday, July 13, 2009


If you care to be a leader, you care about what others think of you. This can be a pebble in the shoe. What others think is not the criteria for a leader.

I'm one of those personalities which has struggled greatly with this topic. I carry so many sores of inadequacy that I cannot afford for anyone to add another by rejecting me. Therefore, I worked very hard at pleasing people.

Guess what. I failed at that also.

It took me a bit to develop an attitude of not caring. That's both a tedious and sensitive statement as I care....but reached a point for good emotional health I simply had to do my work and let the chips fall where they may. Yes, I want people to like me. Yes, I know all won't. Yes, I am content to get to serve in the way God let's me and the judges? Well, they'll have to judge they way they want....but I refuse to play their game.

Don't let the weaknesses and the quirks of others boss you around. You are no better than others and neither are others better than you. Jesus is the one who matters. Some will misread others. Others will be accurate in their critical assessment....sometimes we are just a louse. But shrug the disapproval of those few who deem their opinions as something that matters. They don't.

Your trust in God when no one is looking...or approving....does. Lead out. You'll get killed for it. You've got it coming. Everyone does who gives their life for His cause. The cross isn't jewelry for the neck. It is the symbol of crucifixion for any who dare walk in his sandals. Jesus did not fold to the pressure of disapproval. He made it his theme of ministry.


jason reeves said...

Trusting in God when no one is looking or approving....

Sounds an awful lot like Jesus....

Thanks for the constant courage and encouragement Terry.

Glory to God!


Brenda said...

Thanks for this today!

Brian said...

Powerfully put and much needed read for me today.

The first thing I do when I get to my office is turn on the computer and read your blog.

After reading today's message, I thought that your writings could become the Epistle of Terry for the generations to come. I would be great to see a book come out that had all of your blog writings for a daily reading and meditation. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush

God is using you to help others!