Sunday, July 12, 2009


Young leaders, learn from me. I'm an example of great breaks and God's good grace. Name another who is so plain; yet so fortunate in getting to work in the kingdom.

I entered ministry both flawed and carrying many flaws. One of those was the inability to endure criticism. I endured it all right...but simply because I loved my roll and not because I saw any value in it. There is important value in receiving criticism.

I was, instead, a pouter. I was a very poor leader; well I was not a leader. Why do you think I cling to the "yes" promise of II Cor. 1:18-20? For two reasons: (1) it is God's truth, and (2) I needed to learn the "yes-world" of God. I had never heard of it (even in the church) and certainly wasn't prone to walk it.

But God's "yes-promises" are our ticket out of pouting. Everything that goes right is a "yes" and everything that goes wrong is also a "yes". Why pout? God is working everything out.

In the beginning and for several years in ministry, I didn't know that. I was moody, touchy, and paranoid. That's not leadership. That's a fear-bundle. That's a bummer to the church.

So young leader, do what you can to grow up. For us, we will always find ourselves growing up. Such is a non-arrival pursuit. We are always moving forward in Him. When things don't go our way we understand that in God's wisdom and timing something just went our way....and all we can do is chalk it up to His marvelous mystery, accept it by sheer faith, and keep smiling.

I wasn't so good at it myself....but I see improvement here and there...and so will you. Don't give up, don't give out...and whatever you do, don't quit.

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Brian said...

To the point and much needed insight for me.