Friday, July 31, 2009


Fascination is among us and it is abundant. There is no short supply of good report. I mean it. There is hope. There is life. There is good news everywhere we turn....if we want to look for it.

So many good things have happened today we have enough material to last for days and months. If we will fill our hearts with the awareness of God's marvel and fill our churches with the fact we are called to be a good news people, then surely we can begin to fill the land with a powerful message of liberty to really live.

We must not be caught moaning and complaining along with the rest of the community. We have the opportunity to shine as if we are a light on a hill. I think Jesus addressed us as such.

So how do we go about this? Yell at the top of our lungs? Spend big bucks in publicity? I don't think such is necessary. What we might do is determine to move through every kind of day with a grateful smile in our heart for the fact Jesus rose from the grave. He did so that we could have abundant life. I say let's be known as abundant livers! Let us be thrilled over what others note as commonplace. May we applaud what others would take for granted.

Fill the hearts with appreciation and we'll soon fill churches with happy souls....and then we'll have something authentic from God to fill the land.

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