Saturday, August 01, 2009


Whenever it is said, We go by the Bible, there is good reason for immediate suspicion. It isn't that one can't; one should. But too often such a phrase comes not from dedicated discipleship; but rather unthinking parroting of our forefathers and mothers. Such can be an authentic statement; yet most often I hear it coming from one bragging we are us instead of hungry to know who He is.

Having said all of that the actual wording, We go by the Bible, is an honorable quest. We should. This is what still causes such a stir among Churches of Christ. Some among us are blamed for ditching the Word when our hunger is to rise up to it. We don't believe the Word of God has been completely obeyed nor has the church arrived at full restoration.

To go by the Bible is right on. However such a statement has been short-sheeted by looking at the 1950 American church and proclaiming, This is exactly what God had in mind. It wasn't. We still aren't. Yes, we have many wonderful things about us. The discrepancy between divided groups, however, is those who want to preserve and those who want to proceed.

Have you noticed a lot of discussion coming from Washington regarding greenhouse gases and the urgent need to preserve the earth? Not from any of their conferences have I heard a discussion about eliminating the tobacco industry....which the government subsidizes. Man is a vital part of earth and yet Congress is blind to such a simple truth.

Have you noticed we snarl at churches who minimize the art of baptism by reducing it to sprinkling? That isn't the Bible way. Yet, we who push out our chests that we take communion every Sunday (when those false churches don't), practice the same principle in that we have taken a very powerful, meaningful meal and reduced it to minimal representation during our very decent and in order assembly. Our whimsical practice of quick, short, and simple is not observing the Lord's Supper if we were to go by the Bible.

So what shall we do:
  • We shall find ways to increase our faithfulness to the Word of God.
  • We shall be patient with every one among us for each of us is both struggling and striving to reach God's level of intended discipleship.
  • We shall learn to love those we don't want to in the name of going by the Bible.
  • We shall not accept the seeming urgency to keep the church looking as it has in the last two centuries as our standard. It is not.
  • We shall believe that we are not only not perfect; we aren't close to His wish to clone us as the ideal church. Therefore, we will keep learning by His marvelous grace.
  • And, we shall be assured that our brain-power is no match for His style. Thus we will do our best to see that the concept of going by the Bible remains a wonderful and enthusiastic call for our days ahead.


John McCoy said...

Thanks for pushing and not living by fear.

Patti Sikes said...

Simple! Deep! Rich! Profound!

Christi said...

Beautiful!! Well said!! Love your blogs and the almost daily inspiration I receive when I read them!!

nick gill said...

"Our whimsical practice of quick, short, and simple is not observing the Lord's Supper if we were to go by the Bible."

You're gonna get me in trouble with the elders if you keep saying stuff like this.

Keep fearlessly preaching the truth, Terry! I'm listening.

in HIS love,