Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Walking by faith is hairline sensitive. It is way too easy to jump the faith track and walk a carnal-satisfying/God-denying religion. We have to be quite careful to keep from running ahead of God by taking the credit of His work upon ourselves. I think it's right that we continue to grow in the truth that we are not the ones doing God's work. He does. It is more accurate that we believe God works.

It isn't how amazing certain people are. It is amazing how strong God is in certain people. It is not fascinating that particular situations produce kingdom results. It is fascinating God uses particular situations to demonstrate His power. Such a view separates faith action from flesh calculation. We can be most confident, not in ourselves but in our highly and holy Spirited God. Nothing with Him is impossible. This truth still stands!

It is far too easy to look at ministry and set out to function within the scale of human possibility. It is quite another to launch into an area that has already been fished and assume there will be a certain gigantic, incalculable catch. It's one thing to line out church plans. It's the real deal to anticipate God will work when one has no concept of how such will go.

I encourage you to gage your work with the hope level of Romans 4:17 and not the level of your human perception. Anticipate God to do more than your best imagination; Eph. 3:20. Set out on your mission full of God (Eph. 3:19) rather than full of research.

America is hungry for God. It is not necessarily desiring more church. There is a lot of that. It is parched for impossible results becoming possible and abundance from the hand of God being immeasurable. Community is neither intrigued by the flannel-graph Jesus nor the dashboard one. It craves the Living One; the One who baffles human ingenuity and manipulative order.

Be charged by your calling whether full-time, part-time, or volunteer. Give your neighbors and colleagues something to be wowed by.....the continued handiwork of God right where you live, right where you work, right where you.......believe!


Liz Moore said...

Thanks so much for your reminder! I've missed hearing God speak through you! I sometimes get lost in the work I have to do and forget who I'm doing it for. I know I am nothing on my own, but I know He can still do great things through me. I just have to let Him.

craig said...

I really needed this encouragement today. Thank you. Grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

You go Terry! You inspire us for the Lord! Lynn