Saturday, April 12, 2008


We carry the mightiest tool in our arsenal, the ability to forgive, so why don't we choose to use it before the grave?

Don't be so egotistical that you carry on personal feuds when their eventual death will show you really didn't mean it. I know of no more waste than what humans commit in silly grudges and childish irritations. We are so foolish in this regard it's a wonder God has not taken our brains and given them to the giraffes.

To refuse to forgive immediately is to drink poison hoping the other guy dies. We must break this insanity. Families are dividing and churches splitting over nonsense; sheer and meager nonsense. If we've been offended, let us get over it. Kill the multitude of their sins with your love. God called us to do it....equipped us to do it....and insists we do it.


Sir Straw said...

Most people do not realize that it is a gift that they give themselves.

Most people want to make the other person pay for what they have done. Not realizing that the other person most the time doesn't even realize the infraction was done. They have moved on and the other person is left there angry and affecting every other area of their life. Other people end up getting the results of the offended persons anger and lack of forgiveness. From what I have noticed is that many people don't believe that their choice not to forgive has a major impact on all of their relationships.

I love what I heard once,"forgiving is for giving" it's "a gift" that I gladly give myself and others.

Just one place to see what Jesus says Luke 6:27-49 Lost of very good lessons in there.

I guess it also points out how you dish it out is what will fill your own plate. that is my own paraphrase.(vs.37,38)

Thanks Terry for the look at what has been such a freeing topic for me.

I have also heard of people waiting for the other person to ask for forgiveness(and they have to really mean it) before they will even think of forgiving someone. I am verry glad Jesus didn't wait for that to hapen to extend forgiveness to me.

I have found that forgiveness puts me in a place to reconcile the relationship if and when that person realizes what they have done and look to repair the relationship. I look to the Father in Luke 15 was prepared to recieve the son when he returned. What a great example.

Thanks again.

4:18 said...

god does work in mysterious ways! i needed this more than you will ever know. GOD bless

lawtondickerson said...