Monday, April 14, 2008


In my estimation there are three ingredients which make Sunday mornings pop with spirit electricity. If you think one of them is the preacher and preaching, I don't think so. I will let you have your opinion, though. I'm in a generous mood this morning!

Here's my pick:
  • Prayer: seeking God's participation before we ever get there.....thanking Him ahead of time for showing up.
  • Music: Our song service makes us or breaks us. We are so blessed by heaven to have Shane lead us in worship. If your congregation isn't focusing on improving it's singing and song selection, this needs important attention.
  • Friendliness: Guests need your sermon of love more than the preacher's sermon of three points. If you are indifferent to your guests, their hearts will grow cold to the rest of the assembly.

What would you add to the mix?


Jon said...

If think you could also apply these three ingredients into secular meetings. I have always thought that if you could figure out group dynamics, you could make millions of dollars. Well you figured it out. I guess the check is in the mail.
I love my Morning Rush.
Thank You

Greg said...

A sense of anticipation!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff.
Forwarded to elders and worship team.
Larry Wishard

Keith Roberts said...

Maybe I'm an old dinosaur, but I'm not ready to give up on the preaching event's power to bring Spirit electricity into the house.

It certainly worked in Acts. While it isn't the preacher who changes lives, the preaching event (when done properly) does. God speaks. Lives are changed.

I've visited Memorial enough to know that the preaching event is one thing the people eagerly anticipate.

John said...

I agree with Keith.
Terry, how could the preacher and the message not be a part of the spiritual atmosphere when he shares 30-40 minutes of the alloted time?!
Personally, I believe a God-ward "spirit" is created when all those participating (pew and pulpit) are truly in tune with Jesus. I have been in too many worship assemblies where brothers and sisters are holding grudges, refusing love and clutching to bitterness. I know that must be factored into your list also.

jamie riley said...

Terry –
I appreciate your post, and I agree with you. It is so important to allow God, through his Spirit to develop these ingredients in us and in our assemblies. The greatest ingredient of course is the Spirit of God…in us, and the assembly.

Thank you for being so generous today, I appreciate you!

By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog, I know you’ve heard it all before, but God really uses this blog stuff to do Great things. He is awesome!

Lisa Foreman said...

I would add my willingness to listen to what God wants to tell me.

I have gotten something even out of terrible 'worship' services when I was listening. Almost never from the preacher but sometimes a phrase from a song jumped off the page at me or a thought in a prayer screeched my racing thoughts to a halt. If nothing else just using the droning sermon time to peruse the Bible and seek comfort in its beauty.

On the other hand, I've been in services that did all the right things but I refused to get much out of it because I had my fingers in the ears of my heart.

Lee Keele said...

From one preacher to another, I agree. In fact, I think a church can have relatively mediocre preaching (in terms of delivery, not content), and still be on fire with spirit electricity. I think another important ingredient to add is a spirit of unity among the believers. Without that, the "electricity" of the spirit is just plain absent.