Saturday, April 19, 2008


Jack Buck, voice of the St. Louis Cardinals for forty-seven years, made the infamous call of, "Go crazy, folks! Go crazy!" as Ozzie Smith homered against the Dodgers in the '82 National League playoffs. I often think (can still hear) his robust charge to the most enthusiastic Cardinal Nation. The legendary broadcaster was giving the viewers permission to lose control of our emotions and leap into the frenzy of baseball wonder!

I felt the wonder. More so, I experience even greater electrification in the kingdom! What in the world has happened to us? I'll tell you in one word: MUCH. Much has happened to us and it's gigantic, unfathomable, inexpressible, and great! Life---abundant life---has happened to us! We can't possibly measure it or describe it! We are in over our heads with effectiveness, delight, and friends! This church stuff is of the greatest excitement from the Truest Source for the most glorious work! Don't flinch when the bad stuff hits. Even the Cross has a place in the schematic glory of the Lord's workings!

My good friend, Marvin Phillips, single-handedly lit a fire in a nation full of preachers in the mid-seventies...and it ain't goin' out! Spread the Good News oh ye of wobbly faith, the broken-from-the-grave Son is still the hope of the world, the hope of the church, the hope of each of us! We have every reason to go crazy over who we get to be in Him! We can take a pretty stern beating or hefty disappointment and yet bounce back to "bigger than life"! Didn't he do that from the cross and out the grave?

Go crazy preacher! Go crazy! Let the church frenzy of celebration continue! Jesus is Lord!


Sir Straw said...

Great point Terry. I think that it is very good for those who show the way towards the freedom we have in Christ. What I mean is that when I came to the Wednesday night service at Mem. for the workshop. Ane brother Kim Matthews spoke up front and said ,"Those who are comfortable to raise their hands in prayer..."

It was a blessing to see the freedom we have in Christ. I already knew I had the right to lift Holy hands in prayer. It is just a great reminder when someone shows the way and gives permission to have freedom. I say that tongue and cheek. He didn't give anyone permission that they didn't already have.

So let us go out and show the way by what we say and what we do. Realizing that not everyone will be excited about how we show our freedom in Christ.

David found out what it was like when he danced uninhibeded in the presence of God and others. He chose to please God.

Thanks again Terry great post.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog! It's great to hear someone encouraging the preachers to go crazy today!