Friday, April 18, 2008


Our world’s a mess. Things are getting worse. From presidential primaries to mid-East conflict, to the national economy, to our educational systems, things are becoming increasingly burdening. Debt is sucking the life out of the family, as well as small business, while confusion, anger, and lack of conscience disorients the soul of civilization.

We are leaving a century when prosperity and strength were fairly normal and on the increase. Church attendance may have been up, but faith may have been riding a wave of ease. I’m not sure. Christian Colleges were established. Mission works were carried out. New methods of Christian service were created. And, there’s just a slight chance America became its own god to several generations as well as nations.

But today heaviness is sensed. Concern surely is standing at attention. What a glory. If mankind kept on as was prone to note in the last century we might have become our own god. However, Someone must intervene. I don’t mean to be negative when I say much of what we have counted on is unraveling. This is positive. God is the Provider, Protector, Supplier, and Sustainer. He alone.

All of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men couldn’t fix things in Humpty’s day. None but God can in ours either. May we find security in one named Jesus….and none other.


bikegirl2 said...

When we see someone like Oprah spouting a "new" religion where we rely on our own strength and our own might then I have to agree that we are definitely in the spiral leading to being our own God.

Sunday part of the sermon talked about how Jeroboam's unwillingness to change led to generations of rebellion after him until Hezekiah again trusted in the Lord.

We need to fight the unchanging ways of Jeroboam so generations after us are not rebellious but like Hezekiah: Trust.

Michael Law said...

I tried to do some blogging for a while but could not think of much to say on a regular basis. I marvel at your discipline and variety of content. Today's was great. Thanks for your service, love for God, and love for His people.

preacherman said...

I have been blessed to have come across your blog.
I look forward to reading more as I have added it to my favorites.
Great post!
I hope you have a blessed weekend.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

Anonymous said...

My preacher once used a short story in his sermon to illustrate a point which I don't remember. But I remember the story of a man whose little child had died in England. On the tombstone he had etched, "He came in, looked around, didn't like and turned around." How sad I thought to capsulize this child's short existence in this way... Today, as I write this a breeze is blowing across my left cheek from the Pacific Ocean. My cat is on his tippy toes peering through the slats of our wood shutters spying a hummingbird sucking nectar from our beautifully handcrafted flowers our Maker made for me...for us. Today I reflect that my 17 year old daughter told me that her boyfriend, Federico is close to making a decision for Christ. I think about all my reservations this past 18 mos. as they've dated and all the times I almost blew it by saying what I really thought which could have pushed this young man away from us, from Christ. But God helped me hold my lips. He will become part of our heavenly family and all is well in the world.. The tv is off and now there is just silence except for the gentle breeze and the tweet of the birds in the not too distant... I rejoice that our Lord is in control and not I.. S. Trupp -