Sunday, April 20, 2008


Each July 15th I have a tradition. That's my anniversary date of moving to Memorial Drive and I pretend I have just been chosen to move to Memorial and replace Rush (that would be myself). And, I ask myself what the new me would do that I hadn't provided up to that point or needs improvement.

If I were to move into your place, here are a few things I would ask myself:
  1. Is Jesus the Savior of this place or is it church heritage, programs, or personalities?
  2. Am I getting my material from God or serving up routine three points and an illustration?
  3. Am I preaching the Word or brotherhood issues?
  4. Is our worship alive or monotonous?
  5. Are we led in singing or in worship?
  6. What needs to be done to encourage members to bring their friends?
  7. When the members bring guests, does their preacher team up with them in offering good news?
  8. Do those not in my immediate inner circle hear from me they are important and I am proud of them?
  9. Do I let the elders and staff know I caught them doing good, positive, successful things?
  10. Do I return every phone call?
  11. Do I grow in being open-minded or have I become narrow-minded to new ways and new ministries?
  12. Do I still love what I get to do?

Add to the list the items you think would be good for each of us as leaders to evaluate.


Terry said...

If you were to replace me on my job, not many of your questions would apply. I deliver the mail. But I'm sure you would do a good job there too :)

Franklin Wood said...

- Am I practicing what I preach?
- Is my prayer-life and Bible study driven by church work, or by a passion to know the heart of God?
- Do even outcasts feel special at this church?
- Does our community know we're here? (Stole that from our preacher Jim White!)

Keith Roberts said...

-Do seekers truly encounter God when they're with us?
-Am I really talking to God in my prayers, or just "saying" prayers?

Lee Keele said...

Hi Terry,

I think if I imagined what it would be like to follow Terry Rush at Memorial, it might lead to nightmares - who can follow that!?