Saturday, February 03, 2007

Would the True Church Please Stand Up?

  • My first comment: I say for the Super Bowl.....Colts 41 Bears 24.

  • I say global warming is due to the heat accumulatively arising from earth due to billions of people and billions of animals which numbers have increased dramatically from the original two people and few animals. You know what it's like to meet with two in a small classroom and then meet with 50 in the same small room....whew! Global warming!

Below is an article I wrote yesterday for our webpage. A little weekend snack for thought.

The True Church

Jesus is building his church. And, I love it. I can’t believe I get to be a part of his work. To participate in matters which defy man’s organizational, religious efforts is surely a rush. I never knew the church could be so alive; so exciting.

Occasionally, comments surface about the “true” church which seems to collide with the heart of biblical kingdom life. Usually such a true church is defined by the few practices that particular group just happen to deem their trump doctrines. For us, to have “Church of Christ” (or better yet, “church of Christ”) over our doors seems to make it clear we have the Bible name; the true name. But, God never named His church. He simply claimed it.

If we base the claim to be the true church upon our doctrine (assuming ours to be right and theirs to be wrong) how do we handle our discovery subsequent need to adjust our doctrine? When we moved from little grace to more grace are we now the true church, but weren’t before? Or, were we the true church then? And where do we stand when we discover even more about grace? True church; level three? We’ve done an about face on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Which doctrine counted us as the true church?

I wonder if we would do well to be reminded of Jesus saying if they are not against us they are for us. I wonder if the true church is comprised of several faulty Christians and their churches striving to mature in the lifestyle of Jesus and at the end of each day (or end of each individual life) find they have no defense against His wrath, due to our ungodly lack, save the blood of Christ.


shannon said...

"True" church is defined from above, not by a name above the door.

Liz Moore said...

Terry, first of all I just want to say Thank You for being such an encouragement to me. You always make me smile and brighten my day.

I could not agree with you more on your comments about "true" church. If we are growing with God we are always changing. We can't stay where we are and go with God. "We" are the church. It's not about a building. As you said, it's about grace and the blood of Jesus.

Go Colts!!

Lita said...

I have to disagree. Bears 24 Colts 14. Oh, and I agree with the article.

Greg said...
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Stoogelover said...

Your article is absolutely true!!

As for the SuperBowl score (and just hope some NFL lawyer isn't reading your blog responses because "Super Bowl" is, apparently, copyrighted material and cannot be used by everyday people) I hope you are right.

Jeanne said...

Oh, wow! I love thinking about what Christ meant His church to be and wondering if we are hitting the mark or not. I think His view of church had a lot less to do with what went on inside the four walls of a building, regardless what name was over the door, and a lot more to do with what went on out in society between believers and nonbelievers. Don't get me wrong, I love our cooperate church at Memorial, but I love even more that we as a family of believers have learned to look beyond the walls of our building to see His kingdom and all the people that long to know Him. In ignorance, I use to view nonbelievers as people who didn't want to know Christ; I assumed they had their chance already and choose to reject Him. Now though, I believe most nonbelievers are people that have been so hurt by life they have a hard time understanding love of any kind much less an unconditional love. Maybe they have heard of God, but they haven't experienced God's love through His people in their life. Or maybe they know Him, but just can't believe they could possibly start life over with Him when no one else in life will give them a chance. I have learned now to see nonbelievers as "believer in waiting" just waiting for someone who know God to care enough to get into their life and demonstrate Him to them. That understanding and ability to see opportunity has developed largely due to your leadership and encouragement. I have come to see that I am just exactly what God needs to touch a hurting world. It all begins with just a smile and a willing ear to listen to others.

Phillip said...

"By your love for one another , the world will know that you belong to me" this is the one and only defining charicteristic of the true church. It is not a doctrine , a well kept law , or even a moral imparitve . It is simply this one undenieable spiritual truth. Scripture tells us that "GOD is love" , and he is. If you have love in you , you have the spirit of love in you , who is the holy spirit sent from God our father. WE know the greatest love through christ , who while we were lost in our sin , called us his friend's . He suffered and died so that we could return to perfect relationship with our father. so "Who is the real church?". If you love me enough to die for me than the church is you , If I love you enough to die for you than the church is me. Remember this , He is returning for a bride without spot or blemish. That does not describe any of mans' religious institutions. If we live for love than that love will cover a multitude of sin.
p.s. no walls can containe his holy temple