Monday, February 05, 2007


Growing in the Lord is most exciting. Such growth seems to be without charts to note progress. Where one church grows by addition another develops by subtraction. Biblical examples are Acts 2 for the former and the concept of Him pruning for the later. Such opposite processes calls for caution in matters when it comes to gauging the personal growth of self and of others.

We want to be careful not to allow ourselves to believe we are better than others because we have accepted some ideas and rejected other concepts while groups didn't seem to catch the wave of spiritual brilliance we thought we snagged. That's not good news.

We must refrain from believing we read the best version, do the best church, sing the best way, or do missions better. None of those can be established without comparison. Paul wrote in II Cor. 10:12 that anytime we compare ourselves to ourselves....we are without understanding.

Be thrilled over what God let's you do in the kingdom. Let us refrain from believing we are a notch above any other believer. It's by His grace any of us get to be a part of his fabulous work.


David U said...

How about reading the best blogs? :)


john dobbs said...

Excellent thoughts to start off our week. I needed them. Thanks.

Stoogelover said...

Hmmmm ... so is it safe to assume we, in fact, are not THE true church, with the God-given role of showing everyone else how it's to be done RIGHT?

Very good, Terry. Very good.

Liz Moore said...

I have learned to keep my focus on God during all these things and not on thinking my way is right. God can only use me if I am centered on Him and not the way things are being done. God is at His best in me when I allow Him to work no matter what circumstances I find myself in. Thanks for reminding me!

shannon said...

"Be thrilled over what God let's you do in the kingdom." AMEN