Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today is a good day. You are enough. Your effort is enough. You have succeeded. You are envied. Others wish they could be you. You are a success. You are a walking miracle. Blood flows through miles of your veins every minute (I saw that one on a commercial!). Your name is spoken favorably and repeatedly day by day by your admiring colleagues. You have every reason to like right now. You are taking people with you into heaven's region. You are making a difference for people who have yet to be born due to the power-seed you sow of goodness and hope and faith that will impact the year 2037.

Look at me. I said look at me. Do not toss aside these powerful words as if they apply to many others, but not you. Notice the gleam in my eye when you have doubt about yourself. You are a legend to someone. You are a hero. Traffic jams are your parade....the participants just didn't realize their value! Criticism coming your way is someone's way of bragging on you that they notice you do exist after all! Frustration is simply alerting you that you are still breathing on planet earth. Pain is God's glorious reminder that you aren't a leper. Irritations are the hands applauding the fact you do have anticipatory vision.

You are brilliant....in the literal sense. Go through your day with your head high and your attitude a soar. What a day. It's got you. It's got me. It's got us. Now, let's go out and do some great big damage to stinkin' thinkin'!

Convert the world to the mind of Jesus by letting Him have yours first.


Trey Morgan said...

Terry .... I like your fresh thought here, put in an unique way. I like the challenge. I like it a lot. Now let's see if I'm up to it :)


Ray said...

Great post. We desperately need that heart and mind. God bless you and yours

Stoogelover said...

"Traffic jams are your parade ... the participants just didn't realize their value!" Now THAT gives whole new meaning to driving out here in Los Angeles!
This post made my day, Terry. Thanks.

heather said...

"Convert the world to the mind of Jesus by letting Him have yours first."

I love the challenge. Boy - we have such a hard time believing this about ourselves.... I know you know that and speak to it constantly. Thank you. :-) It makes a difference!

Shawn said...

T Rush- this is magnificent. What a great challenge and reminder to remember that what we might title suffering or pain or difficulty more than likely is God's reminder that we are his tools for a bigger picture. Thank you my brother for being so good and flying through falling and soaring through tears. I love you.


Liz Moore said...

You are such an encourager! What a great way to be positive and stop the "stinkin' thinkin'" I love it!! And I love you for sharing it!

Danna said...

THANKS! I needed that! And I needed the challenge and reminder to give God my mind. I so often don't. Thanks for being such a great encourager! I know no one else like you. I want to be more like you. And I'm so glad to call you friend. :o) LOVE YOU!!!