Sunday, June 02, 2019


Faith is one gigantic trait that, even in the world of religion, tends to somehow find itself buried within the confines of a formatic ritual. Practices, doctrines, and results tend to dominate. And...each of these three are certainly major tenets of an authentic belief system. Yet the difference I'm addressing is more of whether we are actually suited up and in the game or are we merely sitting in the stands with scorecard in hand?

Are we experiencing the daring moves of God within our walk? Or, are we offering applause when we see others on the field having a breakthrough. Our real work is to suit up (in Christ) with the intention of participating in the actual game of faith versus boredom.

Faith isn't a blink of a moment on our way to completing the three or the five or the eight steps to the plan of salvation; depending on who has devised and issued the plan. Faith is the main thing about knowing, believing, and following Jesus. A problem, a most serious one, is that religion has vaulted itself into which pleasantry group over what are the risks of following our Savior.

Faith is more than a scorecard. It's rewarding to see this element increasing within the church world. Could it be that denominational lines are blurring because increased faith is occurring? I'm one who thinks so. My walk over 71 years has gone from indifference to God, to legalism in church, to trying to lend myself to development in the Spirit. I like the breakthroughs while bemoaning my own notorious and obvious lack.

This I know. Faith is more than a scorecard (used as proof text) hoping to demonstrate our doing church right. It is the transformationalistic leading of the inner person from self-definition to the God-one. We have much entering yet to do. How fun is that? May we grow in the opportunities faith opens as we find ourselves less self-reliant and Jesus totally competent.

Faith is more than a scorecard. One who believes it is most likely is merely engaged in church-attendance mode rather than Holy Spirit expectation. I speak not from criticism. Rather, I nudge with a wow-factor that God can do with us, through us, and for us things that will scare the tar out of us.

We. Say.
Go. For. It. Now.
Enjoy. His. Results.

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