Friday, May 31, 2019


I encourage you to awaken to the wonder all about you (just in case you've been tugged by distraction). It's so easy to lose track of successes for you are surely pelted by difficulty and distress. No one is exempt. While we do not pretend that our walk has no problems, we can factually and actually count the many acts of wonder that are happening to and for us. So much so that we hardly notice how automatically we are being surrounded by blessings...immensely galore.

Take inventory of a few of the simpler things, routine things, of life. For instance, note the price of gasoline increasing. Bemoan the rise if you want...or celebrate the reality that you have a car when parts of the world do not. These ride the bus...or walk.

Consider the commonality that you are reading this thread. Many have no eyes to see. You get the picture by now.

I once lived on the under side of life. Poor Terry. I was a whining, complaining, accusing waster of my time. I was the only one who could call my own hand. When I did, transitioning was immediate as if turning on a dime. It wasn't a matter of others changing their ways in order for me to enter happiness. All it took was a re-framing of my thinking trends.

How would I choose to use this tool known as perception? I seemed to be the only one in my voting booth. So why not elect to have a very good day? Ah, finally I learned how to cast my vote. I checked the box for ENTHRALLMENT.

Be enthralled with life. Certainly you are attacked with frustration and even injury. But don't let these become thieves. Instead, train them to become your cheerleaders toward an even more productive life. You can do it. And, would you know why? It's because you get to be the one who decides what items will dominate you mind.

Go have a really good day...for it...awaits!

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