Thursday, January 04, 2018


Being put in our place is a common understanding.  We do our best to fit in the best we know how.  Hoping for acceptance is a pertinent thread for reaching  I want to encourage you to avoid letting your fit be far to meager compared to where God would take you.

Imagination and adventure tend to get short-sheeted by the good qualities of being successful.  What we want to do is to capture the dynamic of being effective plus the experience of functioning beyond our best and into His marvel. 

Enter the wild reality of the God-style!

I urge you to develop a faith that is not comparative to others; but rather, is your God teaming together to change the world far beyond your sight, beyond your reach, and beyond your best shot.  God is not living within us to barely get by. 

God wants to take us places that we could not possibly go on our own. We are the new generation of Bible characters living in the Presence, with the Presence, and for the Presence.  Our lives are not average.  They have gone through a regenerative cleansing when we were immersed at baptism.  There we died to our restrictions and arose to advancement in the most unfathomable dimensions.

We know where we fit.  We fit into the framework of no frame; limitless breaks and surreal opportunities.  The Christian life is the most crazy-wonderful path that is too good to be true.  That, my friend, is the precise description of "gospel"....too good to be true.  Therefore, may we live that exact kind of life! 

Go.  For.  It. 

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