Saturday, January 06, 2018


I speak with zero criticism of others regarding what I'm about to address; but rather I possess intense compassion.  The number of ministers and ministry leaders who are struggling with believing that God works seems to be increasing.  At least it is becoming more vocal.  The honesty is, indeed, encouraging and I desire deeply to be supportive of these in the midst of such struggles.  We take our turns.

Belief/unbelief is a real battle.  Our mouths can imply expressions of spiritual confidence while, simultaneously, our hearts are debating with us internally.  This is no vague matter.  And it certainly is an ongoing war of the emotions.

While I know very well that I am the least man of all men, I want to do what I can to cheer you on in your belief in and of God.  Of course the challenge is a faith matter.  We either believe by faith that He exists and functions among us or we don't believe anything of the kind.  Both parameters hinge on faith.

My opinion is that one of the detrimental influences to a strong faith is the substitutes society (even the church) has presented which were intended to be effective; but in reality, undermined God's call.  Faith in God has been substituted with seeing that church operates according to "my" assumed portrait of what pleases me.  This thread is not new as it has been embedded within what we note as the "believing community" for decades.  Centuries?

Sheer trust in God's participationistic style among us has taken a back seat to various people-pleasing activities: singing style, preaching style, architectual style, location, harmony, convenience, friendliness, and singing style, preaching style....  What goes on with our moods having attended our assemblies can be a stronger force than what goes on with our faith enhancement.  We are called to believe past the visible and into the invisible attributes of right now.

I cheer you on in your belief in and of God.  May we arise in fervent heart to passionately believe in and of God because He is Master of all things.  May we not flinch when prayers don't unfold the way we had expressed; but rather, may we believe He is hearing and responding according to the deep sacrificial love He has for us.  Life will work out by His brilliant plan.

Understand this, I am the least of anyone that is or ever was.  I'm below average and, regarding faith, no further along than Kindergarten.  So please let me not distract from the truly urgent plea that we become increasingly serious about believing God when circumstances often pose one huge denial and one persistent threat after another.

We Him.

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