Saturday, August 05, 2017


Faith is often said to be a private matter between one and his or her God.  While such a statement is certainly socially acceptable, it pretty much sabotages what our God has in mind for us.  We are called to reach, to extend, our faith in Him to others.

Why is this the case?  God wants everyone to have a relationship with Him.  His news is far different than any other.  His ways are higher than man's ways.  This Word must spread and God chooses to do so via the human voice; one to another, to another, etc.  We, individually, are anticipated to reach forward to our neighbors, our friends, even to our enemies regarding the overwhelming relief and hope God offers through Jesus.

Why, then, are we to really extend our faith to others?

   1.  God calls us to do so.  We are to share who He is, what He does, and how He reverses life.
   2.  (All) Others want to know.

The first reason is generally accepted and believed.  But, the latter one?  Ummm, not so much.  Our personal outreach takes a huge hit when we doubt that colleagues would be interested in faith toward God.  We hesitate.  We refrain.  We withdraw out of our own fear and doubt.  The option is....we go to church and sing about Him to ourselves with hestiation that we could effectively extend His grace to others.

Everyone wants to know God!  Every!  One!

What I've learned is that they may not want to know Him on my timetable; but they will want to know Him.  These may not be ready to meet Him on my Tuesday night outreach schedule; but they will want to know Him.  Why do you think that the day will come when every knee will bow at the sight of Jesus?  All have it within us to believe Him.

Embedded within every person is a seed faith toward loving and desiring to know our Creator.  There.  Is.  No.  Exception.

Two things are true.  Each of us will die and each of us will live again.  Just as the seed is buried only to sprout through a resurrection process following death, we follow the pattern.  Death isn't the end and God verifies this through each Spring's planting season.  By faith, the farmer believes the Harvest is coming.

But not everyone knows of this system.  They believe we are born, die, and eventually done.  But why do you think we have a calendar with a date on it?  At date of two-thousand seventeen years....from what?  You know that the calendar switched historically from B.C. to A.D.  The reason is the birth of Christ.  He is so real, so believable, that the very thing hanging on our walls or perched upon our desks declares that, in reality, the date has extended one more day from the time He was born.  Jesus is verifiably the real deal.

There is a reason for faith in God.  We have no other means of knowing Him.  Yet, He is more real than reality.  The world in general is blinded by what it can see while faith sees what can't be seen.  We each are in desperate need of the latter.  We who have been reached are to reach toward others that faith may spread and God is perpetually reintroduced to His own created populace.  That's why.

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