Sunday, August 06, 2017


A tornado breezed through Tulsa during the night rearranging furniture, lifting vehicles...and destroying much property.  Several individuals were rushed to ER.  Damage is extensive as winds were high and rains were intense.

Seeing the debris caused me to reflect on Jesus for he is surely the reverse-tornado.  Jesus wreaks havoc with sin and sin debris by swooping in and putting wrecked situations back together again.  He is the one who passes over us with healing rather than harm.  He restores rather than demolishes.  He re-assembles families and friends rather than unravels.

The good news is pretty fascinating as well.  When the dark weather-storm of a tornado hits, its movement is random and well beyond our control.  But when the reverse-tornado of Jesus comes into play, you and I get to decide whether we allow its entrance into our situations.  We can choose to see relationships healed or we can opt for a disgruntamental attitude which only perpetuates the division.

The good news is that you get to decide.  Your option is current, applicable, and poised with healing fascination.  Why you would you opt to decline such a potent grace available for your walk (your heart)?  The decision is all yours.

Might this be a day of restoration for you as you decide to throw down those matters which keep your heart at bay from those around you?  The result can be sheer wonder and delight of life itself?  You decide.

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