Thursday, June 01, 2017


The Christian path isn't Amusement Park theology.  I don't mean that statement to sound old-fogey-gripey.  Rather I wish to convey that the discipleship with Jesus is of  clearly rugged terrain.  This element is more taught than caught.  I note that we believe this very much....for others.  Yet, we seem to hiccup when it is found to be actually at our doorstep calling for personal engagement.

Have you ever wondered why the fruit of the Holy Spirit?  I mean, why does God wish us to possess this?  Joy?  Patience?  Self-control, etc.?  Why would one need the Spirit to bear this within us when we are quite capable of pulling off each item listed on our own?  Don't we really know how?

The reason is that we eventually cross a line where our self-drive to love, to be of peace, has met its oppositional match and at these points it could very likely be said, We.  Have.  Had.  It.  It takes the Spirit of God to press us into loving the unlovable, to be joyful in distressful moments.  The Spirit is within us to do more than we can do.

The Spirit is enduring.  He forms us in endurance as well.  Empowered by Him, we follow His trek.  Jesus was not only beaten for being the best of the best; but immediately upon being beaten, he was forced to carry his own cross through public square.  Frankly, we might have it within us to bail at much lesser challenges.

Allow me to encourage you.  Why would Jesus insist that we take up the Cross daily?  Every.  Day.  Because we have work to do every day and we cannot--can not--get it done through our positive-thinking, trouble-dodging, happy-desiring obsession to walk a life without conflict.

Therefore, I cheer you on.  Don't give up.  Don't wear out.  But lift your eyes to see the profound demonstration of the Spirit activity played out in the One...named Jesus.

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Good Life said...

Terry ; I have NOTHING TRUER than these thoughts today. I went to all but 6 or 7 of the Tulsa Workshops, and followed this growth pattern by hearing the witnesses of those speakers who were humbled in their own lives.
I have been "enduring" Chronic Pain for over 20 years now, and find that (before the pain) I "knew ABOUT Jesus" all my life ... but NOW, I KNOW JESUS personally. He's my "desire" to go on, my "reason" for helping others, my "hope for tomorrow", and the "proof" of "the Spirits Presence".
Thank you (and all those involved at Tulsa) for steering me TO GOD ... and NOT to just "another church".
God Bless.
JD Good